How does Dairy effect your skin?


We are the only species on the planet that consumes another mammals breast milk, I'm referring to Cows Milk of course! 🐄🐄🐄 Full of Growth hormones, which is designed to feed their young. Whilst this is great for growing calves, it can be detrimental to hormonal and skin health not to mention preventing weight loss.

We as humans are not designed to digest another mammals milk. So, it's no surprise when you hear that at least 80% of us will encounter an intolerance to dairy at some point in our lives. Dairy milk can effect everybody differently, sometimes through developing skin complaints such as Acne or Eczema, digestive isssues such as bloating and/or respiratory problems. Dairy consumption is considered a contributing factor to hormonal cancers.

Why not try some alternatives to Dairy Milk, such as unsweetened Coconut, Almond or Oat 🐄