This makeup is 100% natural, just like you!

Inika Organic

Designed to hydrate and nurture healthy skin for complete confidence, these botanical formulas are free from synthetic chemicals and free from harm. These products are certified organic, vegan, halal, and cruelty-free for added peace of mind.  

They don’t compromise on quality or performance, and neither should you. The organic make-up has won over 35 awards for product excellence and innovation, even beating big name brands in open categories! Maybe that’s why so many eco-conscious women, all over the world, are falling in love with the INIKA brand. We've left a list of their certifications below, in case you need any more ethical persuasion. 

So they say all the right things, and tick all the right boxes and the quality is DEFINITELY there... but don't just take our word for it, come in and give it a try! Available in Chipping Sodbury now!!


Organic Food Chain Australia

Inika is Certified Organic by the Organic Food Chain. The OFC certify to the Australian National Organic Standard, one of the highest standards worldwide for organic cosmetics. When you see this symbol on your Inika box, it is your guarantee that the product contains more than 70% Certified Organic ingredients.

Vegan Society UK

Inika is Certified Vegan with the UK Vegan Society, one of the world's most recognised vegan certifications. When you see this symbol on your Inika box it is your guarantee that the product contains no animal derivatives.

Choose Cruelty Free Australia

Inika is Certified Cruelty Free with Australia’s Choose Cruelty Free Organisation. This means our products are and never will be tested on animals or contain ingredients which are a result of animal cruelty.

Organic Cosmetic Italy

Inika Eye, Brow and Lip Pencils are made from Certified Organic ingredients and meet the strict manufacturing guidelines specified by Italy’s main certifying Organic Cosmetic body, CCPB.

Certified Halal

INIKA products are free of alcohol, vegan and meet the requirements for Halal certification by Australia’s peak Halal certifying body.

Catherine Faraday