NEW! Travel Light Set

NEW! Travel Light Set

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Ideal to take away when travelling, this covetable eco-cotton bag hosts Inlight’s beauty essentials to cleanse, tone, moisturise and pamper. Every Inlight product features Dr Spiezia’s Bio Lipophilic Matrix®- a blend of organic,cold-pressed plant oils carefully nurtured for their high biochemical affinity to the skin.
These super concentrated oils are energized using a patented technique where science meets alchemy to heighten the oils’ vital force.

‘Your beauty bag is lined with a unique piece of a well-travelled sail. Help it continue its journey, bringing beauty to life around the world.’


- Face Cleanser 15ml
- Face Oil 10ml
- Floral Tonic 50ml
- Chocolate Mask sachet 2ml
- Super-Food sachet 2ml
- Organic cotton pads
- Rosewood Spatula

1 X 100% Oeko-Tex Cotton bag ( 18 x 13 x 6 cm )