Your consultation, what to expect?


Prior to the consultation I will send you a comprehensive health questionnaire including a food diary which needs to be completed and returned before we meet. This gives me vital information to enable me to prepare and analyse your case to pinpoint what could be contributing to your health issues, and where there are potential nutritional imbalances.


The initial consultation focuses on your key health concerns. We will use the questionnaire to complete your case history. Based on this information, I will explain how your symptoms are linked to possible nutritional imbalances. Then, by working together this will enable me to put together an individualised action plan that suits you to help you achieve your goals.


We generally leave around 4 weeks between the first consultation and 

the follow-up visit, to allow you time to implement and put your plan into action. Follow-up consultations are important to monitor progress, receive test results where appropriate, and make any necessary changes to develop the plan, or in some cases a more staged approach may be required.


If you have a specific health problem, I am happy to work with your GP or other health carers, with your permission, to ensure the most appropriate and safe advice is given. I do strongly recommend you advise your GP if you are seeking nutritional advice alongside prescribed treatment plans. However if you are not on a treatment plan, I will advise if I think you should consult with your GP.


Please note thorough research and checks are made to ensure all recommendations are safe and that there are no contraindications with any medication you are taking, and it is therefore important to inform me of all prescribed and over-the-counter products you are using.

The consultation itself involves:

•  Detailed analysis of your dietary and nutritional intake

•  Detailed analysis of your health taking your medical history and family health history into consideration

•  A strategy for health - linking the symptoms to nutritional imbalances and providing support and encouragement to change diet and lifestyle

•  Action Plan - personalised advice for diet and lifestyle changes

•  Supplement Programme - details of nutritional supplements where appropriate

•  Recommendation of non-invasive clinical tests - to help ascertain any suspected underlying conditions

•  Recommendation for follow-up consultations